Guidelines and Scheduling for Acolytes

Appropriate Dress, Attendance Requirement and Arrival Times
  • Be sure that you are respectable in appearance by wearing appropriate clothes and shoes. (No short shorts.)
  • If you are unable to fulfill your duty on any given Sunday, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
  • A list of your classmates with phone numbers will be handed out or emailed to you.
  • If you must change dates with someone, notify the office of the change in schedule by Wednesday a.m. of that week: 262-895-2281.
  • Please arrive at church 15 minutes prior to service.

Procedures for Acolyting

15 minutes prior to the service:
  • Go to the vestry and put on an acolyte robe for early service and also some special services.
  • Check that there is a bulletin on your chair – if not, put one there.
  • Wait for the pastor in the vestry and ask for any special instructions for the day.
  • Have the pastor or worship assistant light the torch when ready to light the candles.

Lighting the candles

1. At the pastor’s direction, proceed to the front of the altar, pausing and bowing in the center. Split off to both sides with each acolyte lighting the back candles from the top down.

2. Light the altar candle on your side of the altar.

3. If there is a baptism, the acolyte on the lectern side lights the Christ candle too.

4. Go back to the front, center of the altar, pause, bow, and return the torches to the vestry hook. (Extinguish torches in the vestry by gently blowing out.)

5. All worship assistants will then pray and process out to the front of the altar. Acolytes go first. Again pause and bow in front of the altar and then proceed to your seats on the pulpit side.

The Service
  • Participate in the service (responsive readings, hymn singing, etc.)
  • Offering: When the special music starts, you take the offering plates from their spot on the pulpit side and present them to the ushers. When the offertory starts you stand again and move to the front, center to receive the plates from the ushers. After you have the plates move to the front, center of the altar. Pause and bow, then return the full plates to their original spots.
  • Communion: When the communion assistants come up to receive communion in front of the altar, join them, and the pastor and assisting minister will distribute communion. After this group receives communion, you will stand by to replenish the supplies of the communion assistants.

Extinguishing the candles

1. At the pastor’s direction, move with the other worship leaders to the front, center of the altar.

2. After the pastors and worship assistants exit, move to the vestry and retrieve the torches.

3. Come out to front, center of the altar and bow. Proceed to extinguish candles on the back wall from bottom to top. Then extinguish the candles on the altar by blowing them out with hand held behind the candle.

4. Move again to the front center of the altar, pause and bow.

5. If there was a baptism, the Christ candle is extinguished by the acolyte on the pulpit side.

6. Return torches to the vestry hook and robe to the hanger in the closet.


Revised June, 2010