Guidelines for Ushering

Ushers should arrive thirty (30) minutes before the service. See the Usher Team Schedule to see when you are scheduled.

Please wear Usher Pins that are located on the name tag holder in the fellowship hall. Return them at the end of the service.

Bulletins for the first service are in the cabinet on the left side of the middle entrance door; second service, outside office. Each service has its own bulletin. Children's Bulletins available for all services.

Headphones are available at the soundboard.

Bulletins should be handed out by the ushers in the narthex before service.

Make sure all lights in nave & sanctuary are on at the start of the first service.

Make sure that all papers on top of the cabinets in the narthex are neatly displayed. Throw away any waste. Check the Guest Book, making sure a pen is available and straighten papers, if needed.

During summer months, check windows prior to and after each service. Watch for cool breezes during the service and make adjustments, if necessary. Turn on/off fans and air conditioners(single units in rear of sanctuary and in balcony).

Ring Bells at 5:00 p.m., 8:00 a.m.

The members of Norway Evangelical Lutheran Church appreciate your guidance at worship services. Please extend a warm welcome to all people as they enter the church to worship.

Please invite visitors and guests to sign the guest book. "Welcome Folders" – Please assist the Evangelism Team by handing a Welcome Folder to them. Let them know that we are glad they are here today! Offer to answer any questions they may have or find someone who can. Extra Folders are by the Guest Book in the Narthex and also in the Church Office.

Check the bulletin to see if there is a Baptism. Make sure warm water is in the font. Many of those involved in a Baptism are not familiar with our church. Friendly assistance will make them feel welcome. If necessary, direct participants and family members to be seated in the front pews.

The handicapped pews are reserved for handicapped people and their families only. Please guide them to these pews. Encourage able-bodied people to find other places to sit.

Once the service has begun, people can be seated during the announcements. During the “Order of Confession and Forgiveness” people should be detained at the door until the opening hymn. Do not seat late arrivals during prayer or scripture reading.

Be alert for medical emergencies and know when to call the Emergency Number 911 (dial a “9” first). The AED is in the Red Cross cabinet in the Narthex.

During worship, assign an usher to count the attendance and record it in the red Record Book located in the drawer below the Guest Book.

The narthex should remain quiet during services. Kindly ask those involved in conversation to go into the Fellowship Hall if they wish to converse. Close the accordion doors when service begins. Open accordion doors when the service ends.

During the worship service, ushers should participate in the worship liturgy.

At the Offering, four (4) ushers will process forward and stand at the communion rail in a row. Each usher will receive an offering plate from the acolytes.

Holy Communion with individual cups (1st & 3rd Sundays): Before the celebration of Holy Communion, install communion rail and after Holy Communion remove communion rail. Ushers are to collect communion cards and direct worshipers as they move from their seats to receive the bread and wine. They are to direct worshipers to start in the center of the communion rail and move to the ends.

Holy Communion by Intinction (2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays): Ushers are to collect communion cards and direct worshipers as they move from their seats to receive the bread and wine.

After the service is completed, make sure all pews are clean and put bulletins back in box on cart that are left behind. Straighten books and cards in pew boxes and place communion cards in the drawer of the usher stand. Return any personal items to the "Lost and Found" box by the office. Gather items/envelopes/coins from offering plates and place in white deposit bag, have two ushers sign bag and drop in safe.

The lead usher will be responsible for the return of all "usher pins" to the box under the guest book.

After the last service, please turn off all lights and see that all windows and doors are closed and locked.

If you wish to become an Usher please call George Coles at 262-895-7069 or call the church office at 262-895-2281.

Updated 8/2011