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Council Meeting Minutes

Norway Evangelical Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 16, 2015 at 6:30PM

Members Present:  Carol DeBack, Dean Beckley, Deanna Hanson, Pam Hegemann, Jean Jacobson, Pastor Kristie Jaramillo, Pastor Mark Jaramillo, Glenn Klein, Mike Lyman, Mike Schoenfeld, John Thorstad, Gary Tilleros

Absent:  Kathy Imme, Bruce Rosenquist, Chris Schlesinger

 President Thorstad called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

 President Thorstad asked for approval of the agenda.  UMSC M. Jaramillo/Jacobson to approve the agenda as presented.

Devotions: None

April:  Mike Schoenfeld

January 19, 2015 Church Council Minutes: President Thorstad asked for review of the January 19, 2015 Council minutes. UMSC Beckley/M. Jaramillo to approve the Jan. 19, 2015 Church Council minutes as presented.

February 16, 2015 Church Council Minutes:  President Thorstad asked for review of the February 16, 2015 Council minutes.  UMSC Beckley/M. Jaramillo to approve the Feb. 16, 2015 Church Council minutes as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: - Glenn Klein

Results for FEBRUARY P&L Budget Performance Financial Statement:

·         Offerings for FEBRUARY were $30,950 or 11% more than expected 

·         General Fund receipts totaled $32,970 for FEBRUARY, or 12% less than expected 

·         “Paid Out” was 96% of Budget for FEBRUARY, $1,886 less than expected

·         Cash Flow in FEBRUARY was a negative $10,910 which is $2,601 more than expected

YTD Financial Update FEBRUARY 2015

(Designated and Church On the Hill excluded) –

·         Offerings through FEBRUARY of $67,749 were as expected 

“Paid Out” through FEBRUARY of $89,653 were 2% less than expected

·         Full set of monthly reports is available upon request.

Approval of January 2015 Treasurer’s Report:  YTD Financial Update for January was not discussed and no action taken due to the Treasurer’s absence.  UMSC DeBack/Jacobson to approve the January Treasurer’s Report

UMSC Beckley/Lyman to approve the February Treasurer’s Report


Heritage Committee – Jean Jacobson

·         No report

Endowment – Bruce Rosenquist  abs.

·         No report

Long Range Planning – Gary Tilleros

·         No report

Outreach – Bruce Rosenquist  abs.

·         No report

Property – Mike Lyman

·         We continue to deal with multiple leaks; water leaks by basement stairs by water tanks, the south entrance door off the parking lot – that is a possible flashing issue; the rain gutters over the ramp doors drip when ice melts; there is a leak at the basement wall where the new water line to old church goes through the wall – this is a possible grading issue; water leaked into the cry room ceiling in January.

·         The wet area under the Pastor’s entrance has been dry.  Jim Scherkenbach has been repairing and painting the hallway and rooms throughout the building.

·         The double doors on the ramp have been touched up with stain and varnish.

·         The hole in the ceiling in the south stairwell still  needs repair; it has not been wet for at least 2 years.

·         The roof leak on the main flat roof was repaired by Mather Improvement in fall 2013; we need to plan for future replacement.

·         There is an issue with the sand filter on the water supply line from the well; looking into an automatic flush system to keep sand out of the water lines.

·         The elevator contract has been finalized with Schindler RM; the technician is Jeff Resch, a member of the church will inspect annually.  The mechanical room was also cleaned up.

·         All-Pro Mechanical has serviced our boilers last fall and is scheduled to service the A/C equipment soon.  We need instructions on operating the equipment, they can help us with that.

·         Randy Knurr has put together quotes on re-surfacing the road up to the old church.  A) $3,800 to provide an 8’ wide asphalt walkway from the steps to the iron gate.  B) $13,000 to re-do the road from the gate to the church.  C) $2,725 to crack seal and stripe the main parking lot.  We would like to include the lighting along the road with this project, but do not have that quote yet.  Property would like to submit this to the Endowment committee for consideration of funding. 

Security & Disaster Planning – Mike Schoenfeld

·         The committee will be researching and getting an estimate to change the locks/install some closed circuit cameras (east side for office and Mustard Seed).  Also the ramp doors would need a doorbell/camera for handicapped access.  The quotes that have been obtained so far are too costly and far more than what we really need.  Will get more appropriate quotes and take to Board of Property to discuss the next steps. 

Social Ministry – Chris Schlesinger  abs.

·         No report

Staff Support – Dean Beckley

·         No report

StewardshipDeanna Hanson

·         No report

WELCA – John Thorstad

·         As of March 5th, 261 quilts have been made

·         TV Channel 6 “Real Milwaukee” aired a segment on the quilters on March 12

Worship – Pastor Mark

·         No report

Youth & Education – Kathy Imme abs.

·         Pastor Kristie:  The last day of Sunday School will be the first Sunday in May.  There will be a program at 9:15 including all the Sunday School classes plus the high school graduation.

Old Business:

1.       Property Planning Committee – A number of meetings have been held to whittle down the big plans to what will be reality for what we need/want.  A meeting was held last week to discuss the basement plans and what is realistic for that space.  The estimates for that work should be available mid-April.  At that time the big picture should be clearer and some recommendations should be ready to be made.  The Committee is working hard at being specific and looking at what is realistic, achievable and affordable.  Rossi Construction has been very valuable about being down to earth and realistic for what is being proposed.  A representative who can help with fundraising efforts will be invited to the next Council meeting.

2.       Wind Lake Baseball lease expires 4/1/15 – proof of their insurance has been received and the lease will be signed shortly, before April 1st.

3.       Communications/Technology within the building – The Network has been upgraded.  New switches and access points have been installed.  The Wi-Fi for public use is working and blocking is in place to prevent access to inappropriate content.  Time Warner has a faster internet product available than TDS for about the same price so they will be installing new lines for their service.  A lot of clean up has been done with the system.  Also discussed this system could be used for closed circuit security cameras.  Broadcasting Worship services is also something we may do in the future once the proper lighting and equipment is available.

4.       Request for survey – Church property  The survey is being prepared and will be finished soon.

5.       North Cape Cemetary – The quick claim deed has been ordered.  USMC M. Jaramillo/Schoenfeld to have President Thorstad sign the quick claim deed when it is received to have the document executed.


 New Business:

1.       Charles Noll Estate - $10,000 gift / This gift was received with no restrictions.  Council discussion on how to use/disburse the funds.   Should it go to the Council Discretionary Fund for upcoming projects?  Should it be given to the Endowment Fund for future growth?  Endowment could be a measure of good Stewardship for the future of the church.  Should the amount be split between the two funds?  Motion/second Jacobson/Klein to deposit the $10,000 gift from the Charles Noll Estate into the Council Discretionary Fund.  2 ayes, 8 nays – Motion failed.

UMSC Klein/Tilleros to deposit the $10,000 gift from the Charles Noll Estate into the Endowment Fund.  All ayes. 

Upcoming Dates:

April 16, 2015  Committee Reports Due

April 20, 2015 Council Meeting 6:30 p.m.


·         A request was received from TEC Encounter Group (Melissa Bruce, NLC Member) to use the church for their retreat.  The date at this time is unknown.  Anticipated it will be this summer. 

·         The Youth Ministry will be having a silent auction April 25 & 26.  They are collecting items for the auction through April 20th.  Any donations are appreciated.  Funds raised will go toward the cost of the upcoming mission trips.  UMSC Hanson/K. Jaramillo to approve the Youth Silent Auction Fundraiser to be held April 25 & 26, 2015.     

UMSC K. Jaramillo/DeBack to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 p.m. and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Hegemann

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