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Summer Trips

Special Events

Join us at Norway Lutheran Church for our Easter Egg Hunt. Come get your face painted, photo taken, and of course hunt for some eggs!

Join us again this summer at Lifest up in Oshkosh, WI at Sunnyview Fairground.  Spend the weekend camping, dancing, and praising God with every genre of music you could think of.  We have six campsites all together in the Youth City Edge.  For more information about Lifest itself please visit

Students in grades younger than 6th grade must be accompanied with an adult chaperon.  Students in grades 6th-12th will be chaperoned by our volunteer leaders.

Before March 30 - $50                     Additional to the cost everyone will be asked to
Before May 31 - $70                          bring a food item for our meals.
After May 31 - $90                          Ex. Jim(4 boxes pancake mix)   Jill(Case of water)

If you have any questions please contact Jimmy.