Baptism Information

Baptism is important as that is what makes YOU a part of God's family and more locally a part of the Norway Church family!

As Lutheran Christians we believe that Baptism is a sacrament, a means by which God tells us he loves us and claims us as his own. In the waters of Baptism, we die to sin (1 Peter 3:21-22, Acts 22:16, Titus 3:4-8) and are reborn from above (John 3) as a member of God's family (Ephesians 1:3-5, John 1:12-13, Galatians 3:25-29, Romans 8:14-17).

Being baptized here at Norway Ev. Lutheran Church means that you are now a member of this community as well.

We pray that every child baptized here will grow into this identity; and, one day, after completing our "Confirmation" program, that he/she will join the adult members as a full voting and giving member of this family of faith through the Affirmation of Baptism service.

As a part of the Baptism service we as your church family promise to help parents keep their children on this path. We do this through Youth and Christian Education programs for all ages.

If you are baptized as an adult, the sacrament of Baptism is your initiation into the full rights and privileges of membership in the family.

Get Baptized!

Before a baptism is scheduled, we ask that you fill out the baptism request form (found below) formally requesting a date for the celebration to happen and return the form to the church office. After that time, the office and/or a pastor will get back to you for more conversation about instructions prior to baptism that may be needed and instructions for that day.

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