Men’s Oasis

About Men's Oasis

The world puts a lot of weight on the shoulders of men. Most of the time we don't mind much...we were raised to carry the load. The problem comes when we decide to go it alone. God didn't design us this way.

Jesus modeled the way we're to live alongside others. We're to open our time and our resources to others. We're to learn from each other, to encourage and build each other up. What two or more can do together will always be greater than what one of us can do alone.

At NLC we strive to create an avenue for all men to connect in real and relevant ways. This is done through many men's Bible and Book discussion groups and fellowship events. If you are seeking a deeper connection with God, a place to connect with other men through real discussion, and a place just to have fun, please join us at one of our many men's group events. Everyone is welcome just as you are!

The journey of our faith isn't always an easy one—Jesus called it a narrow road. You'll find the road is easier to travel when you're not the only one on it.

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